Inspections régionales inc.

Pre-purchase inspection

Upon purchase of a building already built, such as a house, a condo or cottage

The pre-purchase inspection is a visual examination of a building, usually performed prior to purchase. This inspection is to check systematically the following elements of the building:

  • structure
  • exterior coating
  • roofing
  • plumbing
  • electricity
  • heating and conditioning system
  • ventilation and insulation

To detect abnormalities, determine the probable causes and suggest appropriate remedial measures, the inspector must know and master the science of building, as well as the rules of the art of construction field. He must know:

  • Codes and building regulations in force in the municipality
  • Past and present construction techniques (structure and architecture)
  • Building Sciences and the principles underlying the construction
  • The construction trades;
  • Requirements for health and safety (air quality, humidity, structural stability…)
  • The methods for assessing the state of the structure and the building envelope
  • The measures relating to energy conservation (new insulation requirements)

The report following the inspection is computerized and contains pictures and digital photo taken on site. The report is emailed in PDF format or by mail within 24 hours of the inspection.

Inspections régionales inc. undertakes one of its certified inspectors to conduct a visual inspection of your building and is commited to offer you:

  • An inspection of all components of the house according to recognized standards from the AIBQ and/or OTPQ and OAQ
  • An objective and comprehensive report including:
    • The procedure performed
    • Specific comments including a list of the deficiencies identified
    • Clear recommendations grouped within the same section

The advantages of doing a pre-purchase inspection

  • A professional advice and objective of the condition of the building
  • A risk analysis: detection of structural defects, suggestions to provide expertise on certain items detailed where appropriate
  • Alerts on potential risks
  • A solid basis for negotiating the price of the property with the seller

The risks of not doing a pre-purchase inspection

  • Risk of overpaying
  • Risk of realizing, months and years after the purchase of the building, the presence of major faults (eg. Construction defects or damage caused by a prolonged lack of maintenance)
  • Risk in making a financial commitment of major repairs
  • Risk of having to sue the seller in Court for latent defects
  • Risk of depreciation in the value of the building